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Ivy Ng
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Tel & Fax: 03-6186 1753

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ProductsBody Styling

PROTON Satria - SS8
PROTON Wira - FS8, OT8
PROTON Wira - FB0, RB0
PROTON Satria NEO & R3 - TI019, TI015
PROTON Gen 2 - TI061, TI063
PROTON Saga BLM - TI066, TI020
PROTON Gen 2 - TI060, TI062
PROTON Wira - SP1, SS1, EL1
PROTON Perdana - FB8, SS8, RB8, SP8, RS8
PROTON Persona (R3 & Promote) - FB0, SS0, RS0
PROTON Saga - FS8, RS8, SS8
PROTON Iswara - FS8, RS8, SS8
PROTON Waja - SS8, RS8
PROTON Waja - RS8, FB8
PROTON Wira - SS8, OT8
PROTON Wira - FB8, RS8
PROTON Savvy - TI065, TI066
PROTON Waja (Monster) - FB0, RB0
PROTON Saga BLM (Charge Speed-v2) FB8 SS9 RS9 SP5
PROTON Saga BLM (Modulo-v2) - FSX0 SS9 RS9 SP7
PROTON Saga BLM (Aeropista-v2) FSX0 SSX0 RSX0 SPX0
PROTON Saga (Skyline-v2) FB8, SS9, RS9, SP7
PROTON Iswara (DAMD-v2) - FB8, SS9, RS9
PROTON Wira (Evo 10) - FB0, RB0
PROTON Wira - FS0, BN0
PROTON Waja (Charge Speed) - FB0, RB0
PROTON Saga BLM (Wald-v2) FS8 SS9 RS9 SP7
PROTON Gen 2 (Evo 9) - FB0, RB0
PROTON Gen 2 (Evo 10) - FB0, RB0
PROTON Gen 2 (Charge Speed) - FB0, RB0
PROTON Myvi New Facelift - FS0, SS1, RS0
PROTON Iswara, Saga 2, Satria - RB0, RS0, SP1, SS1
PROTON Perdana / Saga BLM - FB0, SP2, SS1, SP1
PROTON Persona & Gen 2 - SP2
PROTON Waja (Evo 10) - FB0, RB0

PERODUA Myvi (Evo 10) - FB0, RB0
PERODUA Myvi, Kenari, Kelisa , Kancil - FS8, RS8
PERODUA Kancil - FS8, RS8, SS8
PERODUA Myvi Yr 08 (SE) - RB0, SS0, RB0
PERODUA Myvi - FS0, RS0, SS1, SS0, RB0, OT0
PERODUA Myvi - SP1, SP2, OT0
PROTON Kancil - FB0, BN0, FA0, SS0
PERODUA Myvi - FB8, SS8, RB8
PERODUA Viva - SP1, EL4, NP0
PERODUA Viva (Wald & SE) - TI058, TI007
PERODUA Myvi 08 (Sportivo-v2) FS8 SS9 RS9 SP7
PERODUA Kancil 03 (ING-v2) FB8 SS9 RB8 SP7 BN8
PERODUA Kancil (Mini Cooper) - FB0, RB0
PERODUA Kelisa (Mini Cooper-v2) FB8 SS9 RB8
PERODUA Myvi (Modulo & Wald) - TI001, TI057
PERODUA Myvi (SE & Gialla) - TI002, TI056
PERODUA Kelisa & Viva (Full Bloom) - TI059, TI005
PROTON Kancil - SP1, OT0

HONDA Civic / Civic - FS0, FB0, RS0, SP1, NP0
HONDA Civic Mugen Front Diffuser
HONDA Fit-Jazz Mugen 2008 Bodykit
HONDA Fit-Jazz Modulo 2008 Bodykit
HONDA Fit-Jazz LG 2008 Full Bodykit
HONDA Civic - FS8, RS8, OT8
HONDA Accord - FS8, OT8
HONDA Accord 2006 Euro R ABS Rear Bumper Skirt
HONDA Civic - FS8, RS8
HONDA Jazz Yr 03 (Modulo & Mugen) - TI071 TI070
HONDA Civic Yr 06 (Modulo & Mugen) - TI003, TI004
HONDA Civic 1.7 Yr 01 & City 1.5- TI003, TI073
HONDA City Yr06 (Mugen) & Jazz Yr04 (Mugen) TI075
HONDA City & Accord Yr06 (Modulo) - TI028 TI025
HONDA Stream 08 (Modulo) Accord 08 (Mugen) TI026
HONDA Accord Yr 04 (Mogen & Modulo) - TI068 TI069
HONDA Jazz - FS8, RS8

HYUNDAI Matrix & Accent - TI106, TI107
HYUNDAI Getz - TI104, TI105
HYUNDAI Matrix Yr 06 - TI053
HYUNDAI Tucson Bodykit
HYUNDAI Avante - Elantra Bodykit

CHERVOLET Aveo Hatchback Bodykit
CHERVOLET Aveo Sedan 2007 Bodykit

TOYOTA Innova (Gialla & OEM) - TI092, TI093
TOYOTA Fortuner Facelift 2009 Bodykit
TOYOTA Vios Yr 06 (TRD) - TI079, TI082
TOYOTA Vios 03-06 (TOMs) & 04 (OEM) TI080 TI081
TOYOTA Wish - TI083, TI087
TOYOTA Wish (OEM) & Vios (TRD-v2) TI085, TI078
TOYOTA Innova 2008 Bodykit
TOYOTA Altis Yr04 & Yr00 - TI088, TI089
NISSAN Latio Yr07 (Hatchback & Sedan) TI047 TI046
TOYOTA Harrier Yr03 & Yr00- TI090, TI091
TOYOTA Innova & Innova (Gialla v2) TI039 TI040
TOYOTA Yaris & Innova (Alphard) - TI041, TI096
TOYOTA Vios Yr07 (TRD) & Altis Yr08- TI034 TI037
TOYOTA Vios Yr 07 (Aero & OEM) - TI036, TI035
TOYOTA Avanza Yr06 & Yr03 - TI094, TI095
TOYOTA Camry Yr06 (OEM) & Yr04-05 - TI086 TI087

KIA Picanto - TI102, TI101
KIA Rio & Optima - TI100, TI103
KIA Spectra (OEM) & Caren II - TI098, TI099

KE 70 (Voltex) - FB0, RB0
UNIVERSAL Spoiler - SP1, SP2

BMW - TI110

MAZDA Premacy - TI109

NAZA Citra - FS8, RS8

HONDA Stream Yr04 - TI074
NISSAN Sentra Yr01 - TI108
NISSAN Livina - TI045
NISSAN Grand Livina Bodykit

Lorry Top Hood
Lorry Top Hood (Made of Fibre Glass)
Lorry Top Hood 2 (Made of Fibre Glass)


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